Glossary Terms

360-Degree Club Face Technology

Maximises ball speed across the face, so even off-centre contacts fly longer and straighter

Aerodynamic Crown Structure

Lowers COG for towering, longer-carrying drives

Alignment System

A combination of design elements that ensure lining up a shot is as easy and accurate as possible

ARC – Advanced Roll Control

A technology built in to our Putters to deliver a responsive yet soft feel with less bounce and skidding at impact

Blade style

A thin, aerodynamic design style that resembles a blade

Cavity medallion

Vibration damping properties enhance feel through the club

CFT – Curved Face Technology

Offers extreme stability off the club face for improved durability and feel from the larger sweet spot, producing higher ball speed areas

COG – Centre of Gravity

A low, deep centre of gravity creates a hot, high trajectory for maximum distance

Constant taper technology

A new club technology on either side of the flex points giving maximum energy transfer and consistent, long, parabolic flight

Cut Cavity design

Enables an accurate CG position for an easier ball launch

Graphite Shaft

Lighter weight for faster swings and greater distance with a more refined feel than Steel shafts

Hand Milled Grooves

Maximises surface roughness, spin and durability resulting in extreme control

Heel-to-toe radius

A tighter radius increases versatility, especially on the greens

Lamkin Crossline Grip

A high quality grip with recognisable surface pattern and unmistakable performance. The proprietary rubber compound adds tackiness and durability, while the distinctive surface pattern increases hand traction and reduces torque, making it the ultimate performance grip

Mallet style

This refers to a Putter design with a large, wide face

MOI – Moment of Inertia

In layman’s terms, this is a term used to describe the movement of the club through the air

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish

A non-polluting coating technology for high wear applications which improves performance through maximum drag co-efficient reduction, allowing the golf club to slide through grass and sand with minimum friction

Soft Carbon steel

Offer unsurpassed feel and superb distance control

Sole contours

A design feature that reduces drag and improves ball speed

Stainless Steel head

Strong weighted feel with great feedback

Urerthane face insert

Provides a soft but confident feel

UST Graphite Shaft

Delivers an optimum balance between torque and flex resulting in a better feel and more accuracy

Wing back design

A classic MacGregor design style